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What Do Catholics and Pentecostals Have in Common?

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Friday, 30 June at Oladele Ogundipe Genesis 1 2 3 4. Please nlander I need you guys help. I'm dating a catholic right now n am about to marry him, I'm scared of becoming a catholic member cos of my background the church am worshiping with petnecostal, we believe in gift of the holy spirit and his presence in us. I dislike their method of worship and their believe. I don't know, how i will cope with him cos of his church You knew that, before u started d relationship with him. Your best option is to discuss with him n convince him to allow u continue worshiping in ur church, if he does not agree, u ve no choice than to ff him to his church if he insist, cos he is ur husband, n the bible is against u disobeying him, all u can do is keep praying abt it.

So its better u guys agree on this, before u get cztholic. Catholics believe in the Gift o' the holy spirit, I am one and I think you've been wrongly informed I can attend any church that preaches the word of God through the holy spirit and not to satisfy man You knew he is Catholic from the onset and you built a relationship now heading to the altar, you still pentecostal dating a catholic a chance to pull off if you are not comfortable with his faith. Where do our Protestant brothers get their info from Who told you Catholic don't believe in the holy spirit So much dislike for the Catholic church I think you may have some misconceptions about the Catholic Church, there is nothing to be scared about.

I'll suggest caatholic you try to funny email subject lines online dating about the church properly and you may have a different opinion pentecostal dating a catholic it. Pentecotsal should be your decision if you wish to convert or not. Pentecostal dating a catholic was in the same shoes with you,my dear. I thought so myself until the day she sayed she online dating deutschland kostenlos like my speaking in tongues.

A word for bchi: I am also married to a Catholic-and she gave her life over to Christ, she became a born again Christian-she pentecostal dating a catholic her first love in Christ, as it seemed, for a while she was pentecostal dating a catholic all the rights' but deep within she was more focus on the wrongs, she would listen more on the gossips, and involve herself in church with all the busybodies, judging others, that led her back to her own judgement in the Catholic Church.

It's pentecostal dating a catholic easy, but catjolic you love somebody, the love in Christ can break down those walls between you both. And with your prayers, God pentecpstal change anything. Don't turn against God, turn more over to Him, because you need Him more then ever before. She pentecosgal already found the truth in Christ. It's not easy giving up what she already knows. My dear, u love him right?

Den love his church. He will respect u d more. I love him so much, he do love me also I have told him about his church severally, he said that I'm telling story until i comes in as his wife, he will decide if I will go to my church or not. He is a serious catholic member, charismatic member. I am So confused because my family and church members told me, he won't change because of him rather I will b the one.

I don't want to leave him. I don't just know what to do! As I said trust God and him only shall you trust. If you love this fellow, than trust God he will lead you in the right direction. But never follow in religion, but follow in only truth. You shoulda known better. It's not even about you going to his church now. I'm sure you'd like them to worship with you. That household would be religiously divided.

Look beyond the "love" biko, and put on your thinking cap. They pentecostal dating a catholic not even agree among themselves! Even to get married to each other pentecostal dating a catholic wahala! And you expect an atheist to take you guys serious? Once, all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the People gathered but only one boy came with an umbrella. When you pentecostal dating a catholic a baby in the air, she laughs because she knows you will catch her.

Every night we go to bed, without any assurance of being alive the next Morning but still we set dahing alarms to wake up. We plan big things for pentecostal dating a catholic in spite of zero knowledge of the future. We see the world suffering. But still we get married!!! Christianity shudnt be about going to a particular church.

We all serve the same God and we all have the goal of making heaven irrespective of the church u attend. God will not ask u the church u attended on earth. Happy Married life in advance.

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