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What Do The Different Steiff Button In Ear Tags Mean?

Voted one of steiff buttons dating most recognized brands in the world, Steiff has worked hard to establish their identity and protect it to ensure their customers get the quality that they expect. One very simple and recognizable method was to place a metal button with a Steiff symbol in the ear that could not be removed.

The button is still used to distinguish Steiff toys from fakes. Over the years, several different designs were used in the metal Button In Ear. The many reiterations began with an elephant the first animal Margarete Steiff ever created was an elephant! The metal has changed over the years from nickel-plated iron to brass to laquered iron to complete nickel. It features the modern Steiff logo script de-bossed into the button and set on a slightly inclined angle.

The metal is gold colored and remains consistent throughout the many tag variations. Steiff, a company steeped in proud tradition, has paid homage to these variations in the button in ear tag with their Trademark Bear series. The Trademark bear for is Gatsby, The Trademark Bear EAN Around his neck, he wears a genuine leather collar with an elephant trademark button. The fabric tag is very strong and is imprinted with a wealth of information for Steiff collectors.

Originally, the fabric tag was looped and fastened with the button. In the steiff buttons dating was changed to a single-sided tag to lessen the chance that children might harm themselves with the loop. All of the Steiff tags represent a commitment to quality, design and a stringent adherence to the highest safety standards. Steiff continues to use some variations to distinguish differences in their product line.

These items steiff buttons dating have been produced speciaifcally for a customer such as a retailer like The Toy Shoppe in Richmond, VA or a region like North America or a specific country like the UK. In place of the metal button, a Swarovski Xillion crystal anchors the tag. Forthis button can be found on Candy, the Sparkle Bear. I would like to know just how old or young my Steiff bear is.

When I search its ear tag number it comes up a Leo hand puppet. It is missing a patch of fur about the size of a quarter about where a naval would steiff buttons dating. Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Steiff Bear Teddy bears and animals by Steiff Search Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Home About Steiff What Do The Different Steiff Button In Ear Tags Mean?

What Do The Different Steiff Button In Ear Tags Mean? Made in Germany — This signifies the country of origin. Steiff Logo — This is ironic in that it features the button in ear tag in the logo. EAN Number — A 6 digit product number. Every Steiff Teddy steiff buttons dating has had a product number since It was revised in to use the European UPC-like numbering system called EAN steiff buttons dating European Article Number.

Edition Number — Limited edition pieces have the edition number and the total size of the edition printed on the reverse side of the tag. Only the best for our children! Tweet Facebook LinkedIn Tumblr Stumble Digg Delicious. I would appreciate any information you have as I want to pass it on to my granddaughter. Thank you very much. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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