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Of course, we should count ourselves lucky that minimal impact was felt here from the huge earthquake that struck Myanmar on Wednesday. After feeling the edge of the Myanmar earthquake this pm, epic rains and floods in Bangkok. Plague of locusts next? These YouTube videos show the inner workings of what goes down at a meet of this Bangkok fight club.

These street fights involve one-on-one combat between amateur fighters, watched and jeered on by a wide audience of spectators. Protection is minimal and the YouTube exposure has spurred intervention from local authorities. After some discussion via LINE, this OK lady invites our hero to a seedy bar, which he duly attends, bewitched as he is by her apparent mediocrity. He tells the bar workers that he needs to find an ATM and is so accompanied to the nearest one.

He feels exalted at his heroics. He rounds off the story with the question: Nothing like a nice shower beer when you finally get home after Bangkok traffic. Trying to explain cricket to the wife, telling her it goes all day. We are reassigning you to the new Bangkok Pokemon Buster squad. Your parents will be proud. A photo posted by Aarnt Eijer aarnteijer on Thai dating customs 26, at 1: A photo posted by my life jubmontana on Aug 26, at 1: Featured image is by Georgie Pauwels and used under a CC BY 2.

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