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Will Eric & Sookie Get Back Together Before The 'True Blood' Series Finale? Here's How It Could Happen

Eric Northman/Season 4

Sookie Stackhouse is irresistible. From the first episode, Sookie and Bill were drawn does sookie hook up with eric one another. She even accepted his proposal at the end of Season 2 — girl moves fast. Of course, Eric came in and complicated things, and Bill and Sookie are now seemingly done for good, but that connection still exists. They did share one in Season 3, Episode 10though. But then they really got into it with plenty of sex wigh including imagined ones in the snow and a very intense emotional relationship, too.

However, in Season 4, they finally hooked up From there, Eric glamoured Alcide to forget about his feelings for Sookie, and they were basically forgotten for Season 5. Skokie give up hope for dkes two. This is by far the most interesting doea that Sookie has been in. However, once she discovered that Ben is Warlow, a fae-vamp hybrid, she freaked out does sookie hook up with eric tried to blast him with her light.

Will she become a vampire? Will they just get married? We does sookie hook up with eric five days until we find out. Who do you think Sookie belongs with? Does she move too fast? Catch the True Blood Season 6 finale on Sunday, Wuth 18 at 9 p. Add your email to get news about your favorite shows or celebrities. Saved Articles Free dating in dehradun Viewed. August 13, by Alyse Whitney 0 Shares. Alyse Whitney is Assistant Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment.

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