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Do pricey, exclusive dating services yield better results?

LifeMates is the nation's largest and leading personalized relationship service. We focus on bringing together single men and women who are serious about forming long-lasting and loving relationships. Our members choose us because they want to meet high quality people. We employ the nation's most experienced matchmakers who excel in what matchmaking service toronto reviews do. We pride ourselves on providing thousands of member-approved introductions a month and are pleased to deliver the highest success rate in the industry.

Based on ratings out of reviews. Compare Matchmaking Services Research top Matchmaking Services recommendations on ConsumerAffairs. I would like to inform other people to be aware of this fact and not to lose their money as I did. This Lifemates company is a total waste and scam. The fact is they don't have too many men. They struggle giving you any referral because they have mostly women who don't want to go online and be public.

I was 42 years old, good looking and have a professional job. I didn't want to go online dating because of fear of stigma and dignity. That is why I paid 5K to be protected and find the same person who valued seeing a woman. I should tell you that after matchmaking service toronto reviews year of only matchmaking service toronto reviews referrals, the woman in this company Sarah and Carolyn told me that I should not rely on them and do online dating!

They also told me that women come to Lifemates company because they want to be protected, but matchmaking service toronto reviews want free dates and they go to bars or online dating. That is why they do have a few male members and a lot more women. Those men are charged way less only to be referred to those naive women like me.

Do not waste your money by giving to these people who laugh behind your back and enjoy going on vacation instead. What this company does is criminal. When they want your business they go out of their way to get it. Once they have your 5 grand for a lifetime membership, you get a few referrals, most for poor matches. In my first TWO years with them, I got 4 referrals and had two dates. In the matchmaking service toronto reviews two years, I have not had even one referral.

If I call, I get no one. They track my phone number and send an auto reply email that says they are working on it. Then I hear nothing. They stole my money. How are these scumbags any different than the Interracial dating is most common among quizlet phishing and pretend tax collector scams? And why is the police fraud squad not interested? Do not give these people your money. I wish I had listened to similar advice. Met with a nice rep - Jackie.

I had two meetings with possible matches. The first was awful, but the second was a joke. They matched me with someone who had been on 77 dates in 4 years. Literally, a Santa Claus who spent an hour showing me his photos with children. I tried to get a partial refund. Better Business Bureau got nowhere with them either. What a bunch of con artists.

When I was suffering with depression because matchmaking service toronto reviews a very badly ended relationship met a lifemates representative who almost promised me that they will help me to find the true love. So I paid the tax of Cad and become a member. This was one of the worst spent money. They start matching me. First match was a person - light smoker which corresponded to my profile description but when we met for an hour he actually told me that he smokes between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day.

So I was shocked that this was considered as light smoker. The guy had matchmaking service toronto reviews or two missing teeth. Second match was with a guy matchmaking service toronto reviews was a friend of the Lifemates representative. Third guy was a real estate agent so using his phone I found out that he is still in a relationship with a woman who moved to Calgary. He was present to me like a man looking for a serious relationship.

When I found the post of his girlfriend I called the agency and they didn't have answer to my question: Is he is single or he is in a matchmaking service toronto reviews distance relationship? The lifemates matchmaker didn't check the information this guy provided. I had more interesting experience with the matchmaker from Lifemates Montreal but for now I think you can get a good idea what kind of service to expect to get for your money.

I signed up for Lifemates in December after a very invasive interview. In April I was sent my first match. We clicked in the beginning but due to our grueling schedules we could not meet. Finally in May I requested to be sent another match. Matchmaking service toronto reviews not received a response I sent an email in July about their lack of customer service.

They sent me a match almost immediately but to my utter dismay and disappointment it was a 55 year old whom I had nothing in common with. I asked for someone no older than I immediately sent an explosive email about their lack of consideration and have not received another match since. I am a single woman in her late 40's. I wish there was a way to get some of my money back if not all.

Buyers be aware, read reviews, I wish I did. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Lifemates? For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. They first provide some dates but those didn't match my requirement at all. It also seemed the other party online dating second email tips not interested in me either.

They never got match. Now all the numbers they provided are not working. You cannot leave the message on the voice mail. It's really a scam. Where to complain and get my matchmaking service toronto reviews back. Joined in the Fall Met Barb at the Calgary office on Macleod. Filled in the questionnaire. She chatted about how well the company finds that perfect match.

Then shown the costing sheet. Must say I was a little shocked and only chose the least amount. Then on top was the photo session cost. No mention that the match does not see the photo became aware of this when I got a match and told I or them do not see the photoit's only for Lifemate use so they say! Before I confirmed my interest I was a bit hesitant, so Barb said "instead of just 5 matches for that price range.

I'm going to add 5 more at no extra cost. Sent my feedback and waited. In all I met 4 out of the They failed to read my feedback, matched me with men out of my age range and nothing like I had talked about at the initial meeting.

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