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So, reading that patent link, it seems that this win rate based MM thing is just taken out of context. It is just one of various possible ways of doing the matchmaking and described as such. The so called good players are always complaining about poor game quality You cant change the entire spectrum of players. So, now that you have more of a challenge, your still not happy.

Human nature at its finest. Funny things is that these 'good wg matchmaking would not be affected by this. Of the really good players, an overwhelming majority never complains about the matchmaking. This is only common amongst average players. The same as with 0-damage hits. Good players know whether a shot is safe and when it might be 0 damage. When it's 0 damage, they don't complain because it was a risky shot anyway.

Whole your team dies in first 2 minutes - try to win this "challenge" Even if it's true, game is about challenges, si? Not about sealclubbing, but about making effort to win a battle. It contradicts stats gathering, but stats are for whiny bitches. Something is "rigged" because it won't let you play always as top or as bottom tier? It doesn't decide the battles outcome before the first shot, right? Then what is this "MM is rigged" bullshit? Maybe it's "controlled", not totally "random", but far from "rigged".

I've known, even before this proof, that MM is rigged. It goes beyond battle tiers. It calculates how pro player is and starts to shoot wg matchmaking shit teams and low rolls against your tank. Then after lose streaks, it resets and puts normal "unrigged" match. This happens over and over again. I hit AP shells even with T92 and MM found out after first games that I'm not allowed to make damage and win with my Obj It puts teams where teams go one side only YES IT CAN PREDICT WHERE PLAYER GOES IN ANY MAP and makes the AP shells to miss, shooting always the one square centimeter which is outside of the targeted tank.

After watching stats from XVM for long time, I can clearly see that after win streaks it puts you in a NO-CAN-WIN game with teamkillers,bots and siemas. If you somehow manage to win it, next one will be same, but now your team has even less top tier tanks, other team having 1 or 2 more of them. THE Wg matchmaking Grail of AI development? As a student of AI I have just wet my pants ALL HAIL OUR TANKY OVERLORDS! IF there would be rigging good player will suffer and bad players will benefit, so why are so much bad players complaining then?

Lol I never realized how many conspiracy theorists my thread would bring out. Yea, and since i put a reticle mod on, my no damage is thru the roof The section wg matchmaking the rigging is in the specification not the claims. WG is describing an aspect of the game. If such language was in the claims then you could argue they were trying to make their patent more broad.

Again they didn't, they just describe an aspect of their game. Just because a company owns a patent, doesn't mean wg matchmaking use it. Well, look at any technology giant such as Sony wg matchmaking microsoft. They have patented so many things they have never used. Perhaps at one point wargamming wanted to make a skill based matchmaker, but coming up with a way to keep track of player skill given that current available stats would normalize in such a situation might have proved difficult.

Going back to wg matchmaking sony example, they patented away to effective destroy the wg matchmaking of second hand games. While people were running around as if the world was ending, shortly after Sony came out and announced that they wg matchmaking not be doing any such thing for the Ps4. I have yet to see any conclusive proof of a "rigged" matchmaker in world of tanks. Now if you start to compare Sony and Microsoft wg matchmaking WG we have a problem.

How can you compare a company who developed the Betamax one of the first VCR's with WG? You try to compare an elephant with an ant. WG invented and researched NOTHING Merely they just There's no proof that the current wg matchmaking system used in World of Tanks is rigged. Personal experiences may validate an opinion, but they don't prove any fact. Also, saying that Wg matchmaking can do Y doesn't prove that X did do Y, think about the Cold War: Dating sim nds rom funny, because it describes several ways to do the "rigging".

So question to conspiracy theorists: Indeed, when I read the post, it seemed like all that was described in a "We have these options available to us, and ideas of how to do them, but we don't currently. From what I've wg matchmaking, MM is just too random to be 'rigged'. What some may have missed is that the patent was filed on May 16, - this means that work on preparing the wg matchmaking was well advanced months before WG filed their suit against Changyou.

Clearly, the patent was not registered as a response to Changyou. I am quite convinced it is true. Remember the mod who published the Wg matchmaking rules on the EU board where he told that your recent winning rate influenced your MM. That thread were removed from the boards after 2 days And wg matchmaking fits what we see in our gaming group. You always start the day by winning everything and then after 5 or 6 games you cannot win any wg matchmaking anymore because the rest of your team cannot scratch their own arses without help and it will keep on being like that until you take a 3 hour break and then wg matchmaking shit team indicator is reset and you can have fun games again.

It is like that EVERY single session. Anyone in doubt should collect their own evidence showing that matchmaker isnt rigged. Claiming something is fact just undermines your credibility. Every good scientist waits wg matchmaking something is proven right or wrong, before he publishes his work and even then it's often just a theory At least these show that your imaginary doesn't work as good as you think. If it's indeed real, it works with minor impact on players Patent wg matchmaking suggest that playing a tank of tier 8 let's assume when you win, you will be more likely to play against tiers 10, while if you lose, you will be playing more against tier 8 and lower.

So when good player would be punished for wining he will win less being bottom tank then being top tankretards will be constantly losing being top players.

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