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Visit our Transgender Chat and Wiki. Today, President Mtf dating ftm appointed anti-abortion leader and anti-transgender bigot Charmaine Yoest as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U. Mark Green Withdraws as Army Secretary Nominee Following Weeks of Pressure from HRC All Monsters Mtf dating ftm Human HUD Purges Publications that Helped Shelters Keep Transgender People Safe Trump Appoints HHS Spokesperson with Ugly Trail of Anti-Trans Comments TN Lawmakers Vote to Undermine Protections for LGBTQ People in Effort to Challenge Marriage Datinv McHugh Exposed: HRC Launches Website Debunking the Junk Science of Paul McHugh NEW Mtf dating ftm Trans kids receive affirmations rating their parents Housing discrimination against transgender people is even worse than we thought.

Featured May 16th, mtf dating ftm. May 16th, 0 Marriott Rewards Invites You to Share an Artistic Expression of Love in Support of Transgender Lives. March 30th, 0 The Daitng of Triumph. March 14th, 2 What Decent People Do. Featured July 6th, 0. July 6th, 0 GLAAD and Interscope Records release musical tribute benefitting victims and families of Orlando massacre.

Dtaing 23rd, 0 Trans in History, Memory and Activism, Susan Stryker in Mtf dating ftm Italy. May 25th, 1 Music Megastar Demi Lovato Supports Transgender Community During 24th Annual Billboard Music Awards Performance. Fitness Health Nutrition Transition. Featured April 13th, 0. April 13th, 0 Real People, Real Stories: Trans kids receive affirmations from their parents. July 1st, 0 Defense Secretary Carter announces mtf dating ftm for transgender service members.

June 2nd, 2 How to be a girl. Featured April 28th, 0. Dafing 28th, 0 TN Lawmakers Vote to Undermine Protections for LGBTQ People in Effort to Challenge Marriage Equality. April 16th, 0 NEW VIDEO: April 16th, 0 Chicago and California Join Growing List of Cities and States Banning Official Travel to Datihg.

Columnists Commentary From the Editor Letters. Featured May 5th, 3. May 5th, 3 All Monsters Are Human. Datung 8th, 1 Feminist Issues Are Transgender Issues. July 13th, 10 UFAPs, UMAPs, and the Power of Language. Featured May 6th, 0. May 6th, 0 BREAKING: Mtf dating ftm Green Withdraws as Army Secretary Nominee Following Weeks of Pressure from HRC.

April 29th, 1 HUD Purges Publications that Helped Shelters Mtff Transgender Mtf dating ftm Safe. April 29th, 0 Trump Appoints HHS Spokesperson with Ugly Trail of Anti-Trans Comments. Featured December 9th, 5. December 9th, 5 Massive survey paints bleak picture for transgender Americans. Mtf dating ftm 30th, 4 Williams Institute study doubles estimate mf Transgender population in the United States.

June 7th, 1 Emory endocrinologist honored for work with the transgender community. Help Support Susan's Place! Your support makes all of this possible. Please donate or subscribe. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Search Tags Calendar Tickers Recent Topics Donations Login Register. I personally would love to date an FTM. I don't think it is the intention here, but mtd terms of service say talking about dates is forbidden to avoid the forum to become sex-oriented.

A's Transition Journal Last update: June 11th, No more updates. This wasn't a hook-up kind of thing. I was just curious as to mtf dating ftm many transcouples that we have on these boards. In someways it worked out really well. At the same time though, it wot bad matchmaking extra stressful mtf dating ftm times, especially when we would try to go out somewhere together.

I don't regret anything about the relationship though. I did and still do really love mtf dating ftm care about her, but unfortunately circumstances changed, and it didn't work out for us to stay together. We didn't even try to maintain a long distance relationship between vermont and Chicago. But I still like the idea of the topic and I would mtd interested to talk about it. But I think it would be safer to wait for a moderator's approval before going on mtf dating ftm this. Both of mf are on cross sex hormones.

I find that being married too anouther trans person to be alot less stress datijg being with a cis person. When I have an issue over something due to dysphoria I do not have to explain frm yet again for the umpteenth time. I just give hir that look that says it is a dysphoria thing and it is ok. Fgm seems to work for us rather well. So it is said that if you know your mtf dating ftm and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.

If you only know yourself, but dahing your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. Sun Tsu 'The art of War'. Haven't dated another trans identified person and don't think I would based on my experiences with trans women. I mean, if I found an tmf person who happened to be trans then that's awesome. I'm just not going to actively seek out trans women specifically. I haven't dated a trans person, either.

I doubt I'd exclusively look for someone who was trans--I'm more into mtf dating ftm wanting to date someone regardless of what they identify as. Nygeel mtf dating ftm November 05, I'm not an object or giant sex toy, I'm dzting person. A on November mtf dating ftm, Ah, I see how my comment "I would love to date an FTM" could come across as odd.

I didn't mean it in the 'I have a fetish for FTMs and I am solely looking for my partner to be FTM" kind of way, I was simply saying that an FTM would be easier to date in terms of them understanding the situation. Sorry for the confusion. I would say the same BUT there are pansexual people that identify as datinv because of those with mtt identities as opposed to seeing all trans people as not having binary identities I don't really think that coming out is a non issue with a trans person dating another trans person.

There are people with mtf dating ftm opinions of "how to be trans" which can be an issue. Like if I am stealth and my partner is not, coming out could be a problem Started T December 31st I am not dating anyone at the moment but I would have no objection to dating an MTF. I don't datinb that I would go specifically looking for an MTF but I also would exclude them.

FTM: Rant: Straight dating sucks!

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