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Dating Websites Where Women Outnumber Men

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Rahio also have a chat, just for us. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Dating websites gender ratio, so I had a bit of time on my hands I'm aware that this is pretty sad! My methodology was somewhat crude gfnder I made about 15 specific, but hopefully unbiased, searches so as to keep rati number of results fairly small and counted the number of 'men seeking women' and 'women seeking men' found for each dating websites gender ratio.

I searched really narrow age ranges, 27 only, 28 only, 29 only in London, as there's a lot of users hereand in areas with less users some small towns. I searched within a 5 kilometre radius ratil users online in the past week, or past day if there were daitng many results. I scrolled to the bottom where it said something like 'We couldn't find any more users, try broadening your search! I did about 8 searches with my own male account, and then another 6 with a throwaway female account with nothing filled in, in case I'd just been hidden by dating websites gender ratio lot of women on the site, or OKC wasn't showing me their profiles for some reason.

I recorded the number of male and female profiles found with each search in a spreadsheet. The ratios were pretty much identical for both my real account and the empty female account, and the ratio of male: Total sample size is just under profiles. Just thought I'd post this to see if anyone has anything to say on it, there may be some reason why the results are invalid! OKCupid doesn't show you everyone in every search.

So you definitely aren't getting a whole population. That's why I tried some searches with a fake empty profile, and dating websites gender ratio ratios were pretty much the same What I see over and over: I talk to websitds lady, suddenly she deactivates her account. Once I do she tells me gendr how she kept getting harassed, how men open with sexual messages, start abusing her if she doesn't respond within 5 minutes, or suddenly seem to switch characters completely from one message to the next if things aren't going their way.

My male experience has some downsides too of course, but nothing that would come close to this. I can just keep my profile open and then wesites to that one very nice and respectful message a month that I get. Not really a reason to stay, but also not a reason to run away screaming. I don't doubt that ratio for one second. First, you're only getting a terribly inaccurate estimate of the ratio for your geographical area and i will suspect that even within the huge sprawling metropolis that is London there is huge variability.

Second, your methodology is fairly useless due to the methods OKCupid uses when showing search results. Especially on a new account, all the attractive people are hidden from you until your account's attractiveness is proven. Avoid posting these as they provide little to no value. So, if gendef can't do our own research into the topic, and OKC doesn't give us reliable info, then what the hell are we supposed to do?

Have any recommendations of how we go about getting info on the demographics and statistics of users of OKC? So in other words, no, wegsites have no recommendations. All you provided dating websites gender ratio negativity towards OP, providing no suggestions of rstio own. First, no dating site provides those demographics and tries pretty hard to avoid letting those numbers out because if it becomes a competition of demographics the end user doesn't join as many sites and the company that owns the vast majority of those sites loses the opportunity to get your money both coming and going.

Second, you'd have to know the demographics for the age range you're looking for in order to fit to be meaningful to an actual individual. I don't really give a damn if the overall site ratio of men to women is 9: Finally, you'd have to know the demographics for your geographic area. I gedner really care if the overall service ratio is 9: What matters is if you as an end user of this service find potential partners you want to write to and hopefully date.

It's free, it's cost to you is the time you spend participating in it. Knowing the demographics would just be some sort of salve to the ego of those who aren't getting the level of response daging want. It varies incredibly by locations, not to mention, fake not profiles and everything too. Yep, I guess gendder small I probably should have clarified, I didn't datiny expect the results to be generalisable to 'the whole world', I was really just interested in the ratio where I live and some other places in the U.

I guess that makes the title websktes bit 'clickbait-y', but I haven't posted here before so wasn't sure what the response would be like. I've seen the same thing in my area. On POF in my area it's 4: Dating websites gender ratio itself doesn't tell the whole story. I gemder one only selfishly care about the ratio of straight men to straight women, because those numbers represent my competition vs my pool.

That said, men are absolutely going to outnumber women daying, just how much is the question. I think if companies divulged their numbers it could hurt them. If it looks like a sausage party, fewer men AND fewer women would join. Dating sites are very closed-mouth about gender dating websites gender ratio. There used to be a site called Quantcast that would show gemder traffic information for various sites including gender breakdown.

OKC and POF used to be around I don't think Quantcast shows stats for Gendsr anymore. A month or two ago someone was posting here that OKC was closer to Don't know where that came from. Anyway, that might not be the ratio for your particular demographic, though, so not necessarily a useful number. Probably would have been a better use dating websites gender ratio your time to go to the gym, go buy a new outfit, or go talk to people in real life. Thanks for passing along the info though.

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Online Dating: Why men outnumber women 10 to 1 (Ashley Madison plentyoffish MGTOW fembots)

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