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Leave a Comment Track Replies. Has anyone dated a Zimbabwean guy? I have not dated an Zimbabwean guy, but I have had one dating zimbabweans in uk "unsuccessfully" to date me - and oh by the way, he was married: My story is below: My former boss was from Zimbabwe. He zinbabweans a black african around 38 years of age. He had just married a white woman who had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Well, after fondling one too many people at my job, he was dating zimbabweans in uk.

I guess he thought that having pictures of his "white wife" around his office everyone would give him zimbabwwans immunity to being booted by the higher up white bosses and he was wrong. After he was fired, and I was looking for another job, because we had always been cool, I called him up and asked for a reference I mean, he was still my former boss and he obliged. Well, after that phone call he started calling "me".

Over and over again. He said he was just checking up on rednecks dating site. He didn't know much about my living situation but he knew I owned datong home not far from him. As I had never spoken to him about a boyfriend and I have one by the way he assumed Dating zimbabweans in uk was single. He started asking to come over "just to talk".

I knew this was inappropriate and always weazled my way out of it by saying I was out of town, etc. His calls became more constant and finally dating zimbabweans in uk in nature. I was deeply offended by this behavior but I have found that African men and I've dated a couple from Senegalese, Nigerian and Ghanian don't mind cheating on their spouses AT ALL. They feel as long as they are working and paying bills, outside cootchie is jn problem at all. I finally got tired of this little cat and mouse game and the fact he could not pick up on my hints I didn't want his ugly ass.

And yes, he was dirt ugly - uglier than anything I datung ever seen and I could not understand how anyone would have sex with him - thinking about it grossed me out. I'm not sure if all Zimbabweans are like that, but if he is any indication of what you can expect, I say take the money and run. He probably have 13 wives back in Africa, just like the king of Swaziland. Most African men in the US have several wives back in Africa.

Instilled by Reason wrote:. My second paragraph sentence should have started off with "When I use to live in ATLANTA Zimbabwweans met so many african men I am married to a Zimbabwean man it was a huge mistake. We have children now and he has run off to live in another country because he is a "refuge" yeah right defrauding the system. I have not been given a divorce and after he left I found out he was sleeping around all over town.

In particular African women zi,babweans knew we were married. I asked my friend and she said well when the marry you all everyone knows its not a real marriage and just for papers. I don't know for sure, but I have a the impression that my brand new husband has messed around on me. He tells me no all the time, but I've got this gut feeling theres sumthin going on, I think it's time for me to draw up the divorce papers even though we've only made it like 4 months.

I'm not about to get screwed over in this one, lets call it a pre-emptive strike. I am a single white zimbabwean woman.

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