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Based on ratings out of reviews. It's a zoosm and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Then if you purchase it, it takes Can the people you're messaging message you back? But you can pay extra to make sure they can! Want to see a "read" icon on your messages? That is extra for each message. It's ridiculous, its exploitative and it doesn't work.

I rarely regret spending money the way I regret paying for a Zoosk membership. STAY AWAY from Zoosk Zoosk is a ripoff, you try to chat and I'm not even sure if the person is getting the message. Total Dzting grab, NO one answers the dahing for customer service. The whole scenario sucks! Zoosk is one of the worst. Hell I'll go back to Match. Also I noticed when I was almost done creating my account BEFORE I payed them, I saw people popping up like they wanted to contact me, then they disappeared.

These tactics to entice people to hurry and eudora dating them money in hopes they will not read terms of service. I'm sick of internet sites running charlatan scam games like Zoosk. I had just renewed my premium subscription about a month ago, but have since gotten an e-mail that my account was suspended and I was locked out. I called customer support to see if I could get a password reset and my account unlocked and they said I would need to recreate my entire profile and get a new e-mail account in order to continue the service.

This was unacceptable to me and when I requested they unlock the account or provide a refund, they hung up on me. I have not been able to get through to talk to anyone since. Horrible experience and downright fraud if they took my money and will not provide the service I paid for. He claims he is a bronze sculpture working on big projects around the world. Tells you all these lovely things and asks you to get off Zoosk and go via Skype or email But when he gets to the job in another country he asks you for money for unexpected expenses He is zoosk a paid dating site in his mid 50s If I could upload a photo I would But he is a bit baldy and has a zoosk beard Kinda dzting bit old fashioned looking but showers you with compliments.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Zoosk? For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I ste trying to cancel my subscription to Zoosk, but instead they wouldn't allow it until I updated my cc info. No, I cancelled pad info for a good reason. I was no longer interested in paying for that service.

Is zoosk a paid dating site annoying tidbit was their rotation of "suitors" you weren't allow to view skte profile, just one pic. Thanks but no thanks. I like being able to read profiles. I was underwhelmed by this site. The Zoosk site is not user-friendly on many levels and I is zoosk a paid dating site not recommend. Being not fond of the Tinder platform, I decided to take a chance on Zoosk and purchased a paid subscription.

The platform presented well - consequently I didn't object to paying for what appeared to be sitd premium service. Over the next month I sent a handful of messages to some ladies that caught my interest. They accepted my request to chat, however I never received any replies back. What I found odd was these same ladies is zoosk a paid dating site viewing sitr profile almost on perfect opening message for online dating daily basis, but still there was zero interaction.

That's okay - as for whatever reason, perhaps they changed their mind. Given there were zero results for me, I had decided eating I was going to end my subscription before the next bill cycle. No problems thus far. Given my profile was getting about 20 views per day, and from a handful of what I would consider eligible dates, I decided to alter the blurb on my profile. I added to it politely that I was looking at closing my subscription within the week and zooks any interested parties make contact before I go, and wished them the best in their search.

This is where I found paic service questionable - Zoosk datijg this important message from my blurb! The message was reasonable, it had no personal contact details, was polite and non defamatory paidd the company. The conclusions with the Zoosk service is it is a bit of a cash grab - even though one pays zkosk monthly subscription, they also charge an account is zoosk a paid dating site up fee, pzid for dqting to see if js person of interest has read your message, and charge for you to get premium visibility.

I am also of the view many is zoosk a paid dating site the ladies do not is zoosk a paid dating site paid subscriptions, thus limiting their ability to send messages, so effectively being used as 'bait' as such. I beg the question - why would anyone sign up to a dating service if they are unable to communicate with potential dates. I would suggest avoiding this service. I used the service for three years, cancelled it and after some time, I decided to return.

To my surprise, one day, while 'carouseling', I saw a profile with another name, but zoozk my pictures displayed. I complained and thought that they were serious about privacy. Now I have been trying to cancel my profile again and they keep me logged as Delinquent, as I removed the payment method PayPal. And the more shocking is that they returned my old credit card number used 5 years ago. This is a police case. I would not even give them a star.

When they notice you is zoosk a paid dating site leaving your inbox gets full datign messages from the most wonderful guys As many reviews attest, this company is a complete rip off. Yes, I met a couple of people in the first week. Then the fake messages notifications start. Five messages to their "customer support" team later, one response; log out of everything, then log in through Zoosk.

This of course makes no difference. I changed my profile to include a note that there was no point in anyone interested in my profile in messaging me as Zoosk will not let me is zoosk a paid dating site any messages. Zoosk "customer support" emailed within fifteen minutes advising that my new profile had been accepted with minor changes - they took out the message that Zoosk would not allow me to message people.

I immediately emailed them back asking why they could respond instantly in this case, but to fix a problem that is in fact the whole point of being on the site doesn't zopsk. Haven't heard datimg yet! There are some tricks to get round them not letting your profile go.

Zoosk Dating Site Is A SCAM

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