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This is a Group for Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Wiccans, Witches, And Wizards. Both Male and Female. Favorite 50 members gay pagan dating uk this Share! Started by Jim worldcitizen Mar Started by Jim worldcitizen Feb Started by The Velvet Room Dec 29, Good morning all, I am located in Omaha and am having a really hard time finding anyone to get to know and hang out with in the area that are like me.

HMU if you are in the area!! I am living near a forest and I want to become aware of the spirits which are also present there. I stripped naked and walked slowly hoping I can be humble and feel a presence. I would love to hear advice how I can broaden my sensitivity to the spirits. I've heard good things about the Gay pagan dating uk School of Wizardry.

I briefly studied there a few years back but I didn't stay very long. Velvet Room, I've always felt drawn to the Irish and Welsh pantheons, and I also have interested in Egyption and Native American deities but I haven't studied them as much. Although I'm really interested in learning more about u, Morrigan as I think I'm pretty sure I received a sign from her. To JR, yes, a gay pagan dating uk of positive things have been happening for me lately, and Gay pagan dating uk a firm believer tat one good turn deserves another, so I datinv they continue to do so.

Since we have a few people who are active, I have a question for you guys. Sign Up or Sign In. Home My Page Our Store Forum Members Groups Videos Events Chat Contact Us. All Groups My Groups. ADVICE on how I can unblock my psyche and datinb my awareness to spirit feeling Started by Jim worldcitizen Feb New Witch in town! Comment You need to gay pagan dating uk a member of The Gay Wiccan Coven to add comments!

Comment by Severinus on March 18, at 3: I'm new to the site, and I just joined this group. Located in Ohio gay pagan dating uk, looking to find some knowledge and friendship here. All of this is new to me and to be honest, slightly overwhelming. Welcome to Wicca Online Community For Pagans and Wiccans Sign Up or Sign In Or sign in with: Please Like Us Online Now.

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