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Deciphering Dating, Part Four - the New Rules: The Dating Dos and Don'ts for the Digital Generation

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Physically find one, grab them and not tue go. Xating to save you some ne I have recently been immersing myself in the world of self-help and thee manuals, let's say it was for "research" to decipher their key points, their plan of action. If you were considering buying one to help you in your search for Mr or Mrs Right let me help you out by examining some of the most popular. Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider writers of The Rules haven't given up hope on you, even if you did their dating manual.

No, they have emerged from the aftershock of dls The Rule s with The New Rules: The Dating Dos and Don'ts for the Digital Generation. Presumably in getting with the modern age they have overthrown the antiquated advice that dominated the original Rules. God forbid you say something stupid. A recurring theme from the original Rules, women should never open their mouths uninvited, even then probably best to say nothing at all. Maintain an air of knowing silence, or look weird, it's up to you.

Presumably when it comes to texting you have swapped numbers, perhaps you the new rules the dating dos and donts pdf it slip by accident, don't do it again! And certainly don't engage in texting, lest you be marked as a hussy! Obviously the concept that the 'Digital Generation' consists of social media the clue's in the name has been forgotten before you've even got into the book.

You should only ask someone out face-to-face so you can witness there horrified screams of 'No! Thr at Least Four Hours to Answer a Guy's First Text and a Minimum dules 30 Minutes Thereafter'. His Facebook wall of course, not his actual wall, otherwise your relationship is doomed from the start as he witnesses you dragged away by the police, Sharpie in hand. If he's a nice boy it is unlikely he'll be at home obsessively counting the number of likes you've added to his comments.

However, if from scanning his Facebook you notice a penchant for anti-semitic virals or homophobic memes definitely write on his wall. Keep writing on it. Make sure he knows he's a dick. Obviously don't text him, tweet him or talk to him. Just shut up will you! You daing want him to realise your stupid do you?

Or adting fiery feminist politics, then he'll surely run for the hills. If you keep quiet he will appreciate you for the obedient little woman you are, if he's a spanner. Or he'll think you have overwhelming social anxiety and probably go thai love matchmaking service talk to the new rules the dating dos and donts pdf that will actually respond with more than a fixed forward stare as if a combination of Botox and dentistry has left you paralysed.

If you break up, The New Rules answer is obviously to un-friend him, nothing says I'm so completely not bothered, better than you and a paragon of female power, than not being Facebook friends anymore. How about don't bother, who cares, it's Facebook. Go outside and meet someone else, don't read dating manuals is the only rule you need.

THE BLOG Deciphering Dating, Part Four ths the New Rules: Kate Bellamy TV and features writer online and in print. Don't Talk to or Text a Guy First. Don't Ask Guys The new rules the dating dos and donts pdf by Text, Social Networking, Instant Messenger, or Any Other Way'. Wait at Least Four Hours to Answer a Guy's First Text rhles a Minimum of 30 Minutes Thereafter' Even if the text says 'Send help bear eat aaarrgh Similarly 'Don't Answer Texts or Anything after Midnight' the xating, a donrs from God.

If you're still awake after midnight you're doing being a woman wrong, you should be getting your beauty sleep in full bed jacket and unattractive face cream. You've got an early start in the morning applying full the new rules the dating dos and donts pdf and styling hair before the postman appears. Rarely Write on His Wall'. Much like the rules regarding texting, 'Don't Email a Guy First, and Keep It Brief' perhaps go for the old Windows Messenger fail-safe 'asl? That's brief isn't it and not at all making you sound like a sexual deviant.

Dules 'Don't Write to Guys First, Ignore Winks'. To be honest I think the writers were struggling at this point and it all gets a bit repetitive, summarised by; 'Rule: Don't Talk Too Much in the First few Weeks.

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