Interracial dating in greensboro nc

Is every (other) man in NC against interracial dating??

Interracial dating in Greensboro (NC)

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I'm Black, my husband is White. We live in Boston, but we want to leave when I daging my nursing degree in 2 years. I want move to North Carolina because of im weather, the lower cost of living, and the people.

I also have family there Vance County. Hubby has never liked the South, and he worries about possible harrassment, lack of public transit no carand life in a "red" state. We're looking for a city or a university greensborro, like Wilmington. We're liberals though not radicallydon't understand NASCAR, and haven't been to church in years. Are there any places we should avoid? Not one person even addressed this! I iin in the same situation, we are also a interracial couple married 24 years.

I keep telling my husband that we are going to the south and he keeps telling me that it's not an issue. All i can say is Ohkay right! Warm Greetings Interracial dating in greensboro nc Wonder and Mysteri. Please interracial dating in greensboro nc on my name and read some of my previous posts regarding interracial couples. I am black, hubby is white also. We live in Raleigh 5 months now and have not had one problem. We do get occasional stares from - get this - black men mostly - but whatever.

I don't owe them a thing! I see black women with white men quite frequently actually. I felt more uncomfortable in Idaho nothing against Idaho - datinh State than I ever have in the South. All the inherracial to you guys!! Today's South is not the South of the 60s and 70s. Sure some disapprove of mixed race couples, but chances are they won't be hostile toward you. It's been said here many interracial dating in greensboro nc that most people in North Carolina are "live and interracial dating in greensboro nc live" types.

If they disapprove of a behavior or a lifestyle, they'll usually just keep it to themselves as long as it isn't illegal or harmful. I really doubt y'all will have anything to worry about. My husband and I have lived in Wilmington more than 11 years, moving interracial dating in greensboro nc from MA. We're not interracial, but I've seen datng mixed couples and inteerracial found the people here to be very warm and open and tolerant of others.

Though we're a "city" it still has the small town appeal with everything needed in easy access. I do have to admit that S. College Rd and Market St. So, good luck moving here and don't forget to "paak your caaa, ya'll! I live in Concord near Charlotte and go to a large, what would be considered conservative, church.

You'd be very welcome here. Good luck on your search!!! Originally Posted by Hatless Wonder. I have lived in Interradial for 37 years. I am a white male. I live in the Raleigh area and interracial couples are more excepted here than ever. I don't have that feeling about Vance county, is that the Hebserson, Oxford area? Once you get out of the major cities you will possibly get more negative reactions from people of both races. I think this is just because there is more Old South attitudes with the old local NC families of both races.

My knterracial have cared for my interracial foster sister since she was 6 months old, she is 28 years old now and I beleive they have gotten more negative reactions from black people than the whites in there North Raleigh commiunity but Knterracial think the black community has been more local and the North Raleigh datinv community is made up of more transplanted people from everywhere else.

Another area that interracial dating in greensboro nc couples are more common here interracia near the military bases. Fayettville, Interrzcial and Goldsboro, NC. Small towns like Henderson and Interracial dating in greensboro nc I would be suprized it they will be as receptive. So, I would recommend areas like, Innterracial Raleigh, Cary is one of the safest towns but expensive in NCChapel Hill has a great hospital and the Charlotte area.

I am intetracial too sure about Greensboro or Winston Salem they seem too old school NC to me. Durham is a rough town but is know as the City of Mediine. Most think of it as dispressed and with high crime and it is offten a place of city political corruption. Interracoal luck and best wishes. Interracial dating in greensboro nc edited by etepsnewo; at It's who you are, not what you are that counts to a southerner.

In my opinion and experience-If problems were asociated interracial dating in greensboro nc anything, it would be associated with a big city. Born in the south, lived in NYC, traveled the hemisphere, parents from England, wife is from Poland and registered as an independent voter. I love coastal North Carolina. Last edited by Bill Hitchcock; at I was thinking about adding the car part too. The transit system isn't as well run as transit systems in say, Toronto TTCand this is just my opinion; I think it's one of the best.

As for the religion part, I chuckled when I read kgkarma's post because it reminded me of the time a couple months ago, a co-worker invited me and my husband to have dinner with her and her husband. She suggested a Wednesday night, and for whatever reason I inn. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

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Greensboro, NC G.O.E CYPHER!!!!!!!

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