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The thing that hurts single incontinent people is how the media has incontinence dating sites and only showed the AB side of wearing diapers and not the medical need for them. I do home that you can find that someone that will accept you as you and look past your incontinence. But, I know how hopeless it feels to think that you are unacceptable due to your medical conditions, however.

I've struggled with overactive bladder for YEARS and also had some crazy bouts with Crohn's Disease leading to some horrible bowel accidents. I thought I was so disgusting that NO ONE would want me! I've had many, many things going against, but that didn't stop my husband from pursuing me. I guess I made those issue much larger in my own mind than he saw them.

If I had been wearing diapers would that have changed his mind??? But, I don't think he'd leave me over it now if I lost total control. My answer to this question has always been find a cause you are passionate about and volunteer. In doing that, you end up meeting people with like passions. I tend to hydro one hook up cost that people that are more giving are more "forgiving" of imperfections. That's just my rule of thumb.

Build a friendship first on something more solid than appearances and physical abilities. I figured if drug companies dumped THAT much money into advertising then the market must be much larger than just ME! Just as it says. I notice I can't seem to find d a relationship to be in with someone because they find it gross and disgusting. So I figure try to find another incontinent individual like me in diapers?

Help please I don't know what to do incontinence dating sites. I may not be much help in this area since I am married and my incontinence happen long after we were married, but I do know that if someone is truly the one for you, loves you for you, incontinence dating sites incontinence will not be an issue. You may go through a lot of ups and downs trying to find that right one, but if they reject you for your incontinence, they would reject you later if something else ever happen to you.

I feel the biggest problem is that most people are not educated in what incontinence is and how to deal with it. Yes it does make things harder, but when you have found the right one that has accepted you for you, then the rewards will be much, much greater. I look at it like this, when we plant seeds in the ground, it takes time for them to mature and grow, but depending on what we planted the final reward can be great and beautiful if we made sure we took care of it while it was growing.

Being young you feel there isn't time and that you don't want life to pass you buy, but life is only what you make of it and how you want to live it. I would suggest live your life, enjoy it, accept you for you and what incontinence dating sites are living with and once you are fully happy with dealing and living with your incontinence as to where it is no big deal, it's just a matter of changing your underwear a little more often then other people, I would feel that is when someone will notice you and accept you for you since they see the real you and that you can live and be happy even though your incontinent.

Well, Conor, I'm not sure I'm going to be any help on this subject since I have incontinence dating sites been diaper-bound. I know it is hard to be patient. It is again just frustrating and irritating. Its not that I don't accept that I have to wear diapers. I do say hey its just my underwear and its just a different from others. Yes it incontinence dating sites frustrating have to carry a backpack all the time with my diapers in it and changing in the mens stall but still to me it is what it is.

Just the relationship aspect is what is bothersome. Even with all that advertising still seems like people incontinence dating sites hate it and think its disguisting. Maybe this is just all in my head and im looking in the wrong places or something. I have no idea. All of us should understand that each one of us have some 'abnormalities'.

A relationship depends on many factors. There should be common element in mental, emotional, physical attitudes etc. Yes incontinence can be a nuisance since you feel odd. But think of all other common elements between two individuals. If one is talking of sex, except for oral sex a little bit incontinence should not come in the way. I am just talking in general. When I tell the individual and they say diapers are disgusting and a turn off. Its not like I can help it.

If someone was to say to me that diapers are disgusting, I would have to ask them some questions back. I would point blank ask them if they lost bladder control how would they deal with it and why they choose how they do it. It's important to educate those that really don't understand and judge just because we wear a diaper. The biggest problem is most people are told diapers are for babies or elderly people.

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