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Keeping you updated on the latest in English otome games! Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male, or dating sim ds games english female characters. Top Rated Games Commercial Dating sim ds games english Englksh Demon of the Fleeting Blossom 2. Dandelion - Wishes Brought to You - 3.

At Your Side 7. The Royal Trap The Second Reproduction 6. P lanets - The Life of Normalcy has Ended! The Blind Griffin A Troll's Fairytale RPGs: Persona 3 Portable 2. Rune Factory 4 4. Dragon Age Series 5. Stardew Valley Fan Translations: Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Series 2. Storm Lover Kai 4. Girlish Love Revolution Featured Games for June Date WarpCommercial Cinderella PhenomenonFree New Releases May Speakeasy Tonight Dragon Essence - Color My World - Gakuen Club Taisho Alice Volume I Star Days Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds June Nothing yet!

Previous Poll Results Games List You can use one of the drop-down menus to bring up a tag, click on a letter to jump to that section, or use the search bar below. You agree dating sim ds games english give them everything in exchange for an extra 10 days to live. Spending your remaining days together, you and your devil develop a dangerous attraction to one another Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Here there are two types of people: Buffalo Seer is an eccentric Abnormal who wants nothing more than to use the magic ability within them; future seeing. However, even within their society where everyone has a special power, future seeing is considered dangerous and advised against. Free "Play as a demon lady who raises a cute little boy to be a king. Different raising tactics lead to different endings.

A fairy tale love story for a troll is a very strange thing indeed, because who could ever truly love a troll? Try deducing the truth, and through the truth you shall find your own path. GxB, visual novel, voice acting Free "You lived a suffocating life until one day the door to Wonderland suddenly appears in front of you with a girl named Alice. The three vating are the White Rabbit, the Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.

Will you be able to make him remember again? Maybe Amy will fall in love with someone else? A group of men bravely took action to extinguish a burning house. Those men were part of a group called the Shinsengumi. In order to englsih the city of Kyoto, they would rush to any place that needed them. That morning, when xim awoke, the heroine found herself without any memories from before August 1st. Everything, from the sort of life she lived, to the relationships she had, was a blank It will be up to you and the friends you make to uncover the conspiracy that threatens the newly discovered dahing - dating sim ds games english in the process, you may even find love.

However, she quickly discovers that they are not ordinary animals - They are actually human boys who can transform into animals! What else does it have going on? Gameplay involves walking around, interacting with NPCs, solving some simple puzzles, and capturing cards via a variety of minigames. One day, she is taken to the world of heart, which is full of danger. She somehow starts to enjoy her life there, after she is forced to take a drug which prevents her from returning to her original world.

Will she find a way back? However, datinb again the world is under threat from an evil force, and once again, these six heroes are called on by their Kingdom to stand up against it. One of your patients gives you a lamp to thank you. The man is the genie of the lamp; he tells you that you have to fulfill the wishes each person has made if you want to go back to your world. The style of buildings, the smell of the wind, the sunny and always can keep relaxing residents are all different from her hometown-Giappone.

Cana is attracted by Regalo Island little by little. Technology is abundant, but life is a constant struggle. An organization sought to end this by sending people back in time to recover lost natural resources. Elcia is one of such people. Once there, she runs into the Normal Boots Club - a group of handsome, competitive gamers, and the most popular guys in school.

Things are going swimmingly until a woman comes along asking for a book. The book turns out to be written in a magical script called Nell marks that only a few people can see, and Tetrine is one of them. However, all she did was sleep and fantasize about becoming rich and famous someday by marrying. GxB, visual novel, voice acting Free "The world of Ishtera is populated by two races: Auralee, an aspiring knight from the farming town gratis senior dating advice Berri, stumbles upon something unexpected during one of her patrols They are told that they have been chosen by the powers-that-be; not to save the world: GxB, visual novel, patch, voice acting Commercial with a si "In the corner of a certain village, where ayakashi and humans coexist, there is a shop that serves saudi arab dating sites for ayakashi.

And thus begins our story. B Backstage Pass Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Steam. GxB, GxG, stat-raising, voice dating sim ds games english Commercial "When a sudden accident topples Sian's plans for a smooth college life, she realizes she must put her own makeup artist skills to use if she wants to make it through the ebglish. But it turns out to be… a former all-boys school full of delinquents?!

Everywhere you look there are boys, boys, BOYS! Be fs envy of every girl! Start your life as the lone flower among them! Adelaide dating websites Shinsengumi Platform: GxB, visual novel Free "Every day is the englissh, with no change whatsoever. Suddenly, you are taken away from your peaceful modern world and thrown in the middle of the Bakumatsu era.

In the land of Kyo, a capital shaken by ebglish and uncertainty, you are fated to meet Bakufu supporters burning with ambition…". GxB, visual novel Commercial with a demo Free version available. Normally, the two would never meet. But what if you not only met, but fell in love with a prince? Experience an unexpected, forbidden romance that crosses class boundaries.

Be My Princess 2 Platform: Your very own Cinderella story starts now…".

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