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Online Dating 2.0: Thirteen Sites To Find Love


This site is for hooking up for sexual encounters only. If that's all your looking for, it's plentiful. If your looking for a real relationship skip this one over. I signed up last year and was lucky enough to only be on it for 3 days! People on there seem more real then ither dating sites. I met my still now boyfriend on there and cant be any happier then i am now so thank you plenty of fish for finding my perfect guy: Plenty of fish is not bad and offers some cool features for free whereas others make you pay.

But word of caution beware of scammers and fake profiles. But there are genuine and real persons on the site but in my opinion Mingle2day, QuickFlirt, and Match simply work a little better. They initially cost but the relation of real profiles vs fake profiles seems a little better. I would not recommend the POF dating site to anyone who is real and genuine. My experience with this company has been one of lies,corruption and the most impersonal user interface for meeting a friend. I have had scammers several times and finally went to the FBI website for tips.

They are so easy to spot and even easier is pof a good dating site yahoo the person to create a fake profile. Older women seem to be a target and just must think we are old and feeble. I have an upgraded profile and will not renew when my time is up. I still get plenty of messages but will NEVER give out my email or phone number until or unless I meet the person first. It is so frustrating to be an ethical person looking for someone with more scammers out there than legitimate people.

I paid for 3 months. Last night I was not able to log into my account I tried to reset my password and it would not send me is pof a good dating site yahoo password reset so I have no access into my account even though I paid for it. I finally found a number for customer service through Google and this gentleman who I could barely understand informed me that he would be happy to help me but he wanted to charge me for it absolutely ridiculous no I have to try and get a refund.

Why does the site keep going down? I have tried to log on several times this week and I get a 'This site can't be reached' screen. It's becoming so frustrating I am thinking about using a different site! Definitely don't want to upgrade because of it! They get men to text women who say they are legal age. Usually a 3rd person, and usually by the name of "mr davis" is involved. Supposedly an attorney or a member of ICAC.

They threaten to contact family members. Do not be fooled by these people. If an underage girl were to have sent you a photo like that its on HER as far as committing wrong doing. Especially since she told you she was legal age. If you understood her to be legal age and this happens, then send all pertinent information to the authorities. From all the adverts and testimonials you'd think I would have no problem finding my other half on PlentyOfFish but ive had more dates on wejustfit.

Just shows you eh?! Still, PlentyOfFish is trustworthy and CLEARLY works for some people, that's obvious. But so far it's not won me over, sniff sniff. I'll keep trying, like my mother always says, never give up! POF should be banned from the net. It is swarming with scammers. Read profiles of woman supposedly here in the States and started chatting with them. The 24 scammers all, almost immediately, wanted to go to some other site to chat. I did this and then they would send more photos of themselves and started telling me they just happened to be in Africa at the time, usually on a humanitarian mission with some organization, most often Mercy Heart.

Now my suspicions of scammers are really getting strong so I asked them each to write my name on a piece of paper and take a photo holding it up and I would do the same for them. They ALL said they had to ask their "uncle"!!! And the story goes on with one excuse after another. So I deleted my profile 4 months ago and now have some supposed female scammer posing as Ken and has her first name as Helen.

People I can't express enough how corrupted that site is and the few really honest and good folk that are there are suffering for it. POF does NOTHING when I report fake profiles. I know they are fake because the pix are of an obscure foreign actor or singer do a simple Google Images check of photos that seem too good to be true or the guy says he is 52 but the picture is clearly of someone under This guy continues to create profiles with pix of a married Egyptian drummer. Again, always do a Google Images check.

Scammers also tend to say they are pet lovers and widowed I can't believe how many men under 50 are widowed! There are also MANY disgusting nude pix but again, POF does NOTHING. To my surprise there was a celebrity that i is pof a good dating site yahoo that shared the same emotions and outlook as me. I was on to the beginning of a loving relationship with lots of hugs kisses and more.

All I got was a hug and a kiss on the hand. Tried PlentyOfFish a few times as well as a couple of the other main dating sites eHarmony etc but the only one ive been really impressed with is WeJustFit. Everything else is the same in different packaging but on wejustfit ive actually had a couple of dates and might even have met someone: The bad site pof only the have to much woman lie in hoe I don't recommend this for anyone serious about the relationship.

Within 10 mins of signing up to is pof a good dating site yahoo site i was contacted by 2 scammers. Do not give your email to anyone even if they seem genuine. I found my first boyfriend on this site! Even if your just playing or browsing, the sites worth a look. I have never been on a dating site before I was actually quite nervous about it all, I am pleased to say that I have met the most amazing girl ever and recommend others to use pof! I have never been happier. Before I try a new dating company I usually look at reviews here so I felt it was time to leave one myself in the hope it helps others.

PlentyOfFish is good it does what it says in the tin. But bottom line is you need to try different sites to give your self the best chance of seeing who is single in your local region.

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