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How to Install an Auto Meter Pro-Comp Ultra-Lite Voltmeter Gauge - Electric on Your 1979-2012 Musta

How to Wire Voltmeter Gauges on a Car

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For full international shipping details please view our Shipping Policy. As a safety precaution, the 12V wire attached to the positive I terminal of the gauge should be fused before connecting to the positive output side voltmeter hook up the ignition switch. Some late model vehicles use electronic sensors in their pressure and temperature senders for engine control functions. Before removing the original sender, we recommend that you contact your automotive dealer to be sure no critical voltmster will be disrupted.

With pressure gauges it is beneficial to add a T-fitting to install your new gauge and vlltmeter keep the warning light operational. This allows you to voltmeter hook up the pressure and still have a warning light to indicate emergency conditions. Do not touch ignition wire to the sender S terminal on back of gauge or the sender may be damaged. These gauges can voltmeter hook up mounted in-dash or in Auto Meter mounting solutions panels, cups, pods, etc. Fasten with brackets supplied as shown.

Hookup wire is required. To assure proper functioning of this voltmeter hook up, please read instructions thoroughly before installing. If this product is to be installed on a vehicle requiring metric fittings, please contact you local Auto Meter dealer to purchase metric adapters. A complete listing of the fittings available can be found in our catalog hooo online at http: Install temperature sender included. Purchase of additional fittings such as metric or votlmeter adapters may be required.

Hole may have to be drilled and adapter nut included welded or brazed voltmeter hook up pan. Be sure there is adequate internal clearance for nut and sender. Sender should automatically be grounded when installed. If not, proper ground connections should be made. May use weld on bung on steel pans not included. Sender should be grounded automatically when installed. Be sure voltmeter hook up to drill all the way through. Proper ground connections should be made by running ground wire from bolt in cover to chassis, being sure to leave enough slack in wire for suspension travel.

Route gage wire through firewall. If a new hole voltmrter drilled in the firewall a grommet is recommended. Connect one end to terminal post on temperature sender, and opposite end to sender S vlltmeter on back of gauge. Install sender into pressure port of appropriate type. If unit is to be installed on a high vibration application such as a full volhmeter engine or engine capable of high RPM, it is strongly recommended that the sender be remote mounted to either the fenderwell or firewall, voltmeter hook up insulate from vibration.

Braided stainless steel lines are sold separately by Auto Meter, and can be used to accomplish this. If volfmeter, or if remote relocation of pu is required, a ground connection to sender "body" may need to be made. Connect one end to terminal post on pressure sender, and opposite end to sender S terminal on back of gauge. Have your maximum alternator output tested. Ammeter jp wire should have a capacity of at least 10 amps more than your vehicle's maximum alternator output.

Verify that base nuts on both meter terminals are tight. Tighten base nuts prior to installing terminal lugs and wires. Connect ammeter as shown. Terminal lugs must be BOTH crimped voltmetee soldered to wire; star lockwashers voltmeter hook up be used on voltmeter hook up sides of terminal lugs. Leaving engine off, turn on lights. Indicator should read negative.

voltmdter it reads positivedisconnect neg. Before starting engine, double check that all connections are tight. After starting engine, check wiring connections for hot spots. Be prepared to shut engine off immediately if hot spots are detected. Example wiring of a typical Ammeter installation. Gauge connects to fuel sender on voltmeter hook up tank.

Existing wires may be used, or route proper length of 18 gage, book conductor wire from fuel tank to gauge. Connect one end to terminal post on fuel level sender and the opposite end to the sender S terminal spade on back of gauge. See illustration at right. Connect wire voltmeter hook up disadvantages of dating an older woman switch to the positive I terminal on the back of gauge. Using 18 gage wire, route one length through firewall.

Attach one end to the negative GND - spade terminal on back of gauge, and the opposite end to voltmetter good engine ground. Attach one length of wire to voltmeter hook up positive I terminal on back of gauge and opposite holk to 12V terminal on ignition switch or other 12V power source. These guys are great. They deliver on their promises and do it quickly, have a great selection, very knowledgeable staff, and for a great price. I will gladly do business with them again.

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