Daughter dating heroin addiction

Top 3 Excuses Of The Drug Addiction Enabler

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I'd love some opinions and emotional support maybe on a decision that i have made and now dont know how to handle it. November changed our lives forever! My daughter and her heroin addict boyfriend issues had gotten pretty bad. After breaking up with him he started stalking her, following her… she had to change her number, etc. After he talked her into getting back together with him, he finally told her that he was on heroin and that he cheated on her the day after they got back together, she had a break and on Daughter dating heroin addiction 30th she decided to try to kill herself by overdosing on medication.

We were able to get the ambulance to our house just in time. After a few days in the hospital we sent her to a psych unit for a few days so that we could figure out the issues. After being home for a little while she started lieing and refused to go to a counseler, even the the psych ward told her she had to. One evening after all of this crap was happening she defied us and decided that she didnt feel like coming home one night. She had been on a somewhat of daughter dating heroin addiction short leash only because she tried to take her life.

My husband and i kicked her out and she went to go live with her grandma. Since then grandma has bought her a car, gives her money, takes her shopping and Tawnie now has NO rules. After all was said and done, grandma told us that she couldn't keep Tawnie from doing certain things, like this boy because she IS Tawnie has no consequences for her actions and grandma is pretty much turning her head and putting it into the sand.

She thinks it would be better for my daughter to live with daughter dating heroin addiction without any rules then for my daughter to possiblily move in with this heroin addict. I tend to disagree. I say that it is worse that my daughter is allowed to be with this guy and have Grandma's blessing then to move out and know that daughter dating heroin addiction one agrees with her. Daughter dating heroin addiction am feeling so frustrated, my husband doesn't even want to talk about it anymore because it is so stressful on us.

I am so worried about her safety. There is nothing we can do and now my daughter "until I support her decision being with this guy". He did go to treatment for 3 weeks and started shooting up right away. As of right now I believe he went back to treatment, because his parents made him and knowing what I do know about drug addiction, if he didn't want the help and someone made him go, the chances of him using again are likely.

Any advice would be helpful. I can relate as well. My daughter is with a guy who abused heroin and went in self detox. Did not follow up with a program but they are in love. My daughter and I were inseparable until he came into the picture. He controls every move daughter dating heroin addiction makes and believes everything he says. He has turned her against me because he knows I can see right through him.

Had to pack her stuff up and seeped the entire time. I am so broken-hearted! Wow I thought you were talking about my daughter. Even the age is the same. I'm so at a loss. I turned her phone off and now I am taking her car away. I am at the mercy of my intuition. I don't know what the right thing is to do but I have tried everything. Talking to her she tells me how manipulating he is but he always gets her back. I don't know any advice to give you. I just couldn't believe what I was reading because it sound just like my daughter.

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Dating a drug addict - The manipulation

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