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18 True Stories About Interracial Hook-Ups, Dating, And Relationships


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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. What are your experiences with interracial relationships? I'm black and have only ever dated white guys. When he storjes out, he was pissed and said mean things, also happened to be drunk he doesn't interracial dating stories reddit erddit at all but it was at a dinner and it came up in redidt.

I broke down crying because of various things he said and walked out. The next day he told me he was sorry and that he trusts me enough to be with a good guy, no matter what he looks like. Since then adting hasn't been an issue but I honestly grew up feeling like is have to take it to the grave that I like white boys. Dtories was like coming out of the closet for me. It was a huge interracial dating stories reddit off my chest after.

My longest relationship was with a guy from Ohio. His redvit were so amazed that he was dating a black girl in New York. They asked him what I was like when i got mad assumed I was the stereotypical angry black woman. His parents were always warm and loving towards me. I had a boyfriend once who told me he dad freaked out at him when he said he was dating a black girl me. He apparently said a lot of racist things and he had no idea his dad was such a bigot. I'm an Asian female, he was a Caucasian Englishman 6 years my senior.

Nothing racist from my friends, though they didn't like him. He was far too inconsiderate of others and immature. He liked me as a person sure, but he intwrracial the fact that I was Asian more. Fetishizing Asian women is not a turn on. I'm white and have dated both Hispanic interracial dating stories reddit black men. There has never been an issue other than dirty looks from people that we didn't know. They never avoided dating me but refdit they find out they always ask "is it true what they say about black guys?

I'm so happy to hear this! I have no idea how my children storise look. Sadly they most likely will not inherit my blue eyes and blond hair, but I am extremely curious how they will turn out. Very good, would recommend. Especially if you're not just different colours but from different parts of the planet completely. You get an Inside Baseball view on different cultures match making my kundli is sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, always worthy.

Like how one time a few years back, we were out late walking home from some club; a bunch of drunk girls at a bus stop sang us an improvised song about how we'd make beautiful children. My girlfriend found it very offensive. I still sing interracial dating stories reddit to myself sometimes. Just get ready to get stared at. Or at least be prepared to be teased by your friends about your preferences.

If either of you are religious and have interrafial beliefs, dzting prepared to talk about stoies asap if things start to get serious. From my own experience, dating outside of beliefs never ends well. I don't even bother if the person isn't at least agnostic. As someone who is mixed, all my relationships have been interracial dating stories reddit and no one vating ever said anything. I'm white and I dated this gorgeous and I mean gorgeous black girl.

Things were fucking awesome, we were young and in love. I was a senior in high school I datijg i was young but I was seriously thinking of marrying that girl How can you stand in the way of this gorgeous woman's desire to reap the benefits of her gorgeousness? Half-asian married to a half-Asian. Our mothers are nuts. We blend in well with white people yay model minority! Very curious if our kids will look white or Asian as one of us is clearly Asian and the other, not so much.

In the beginning, glances and stairs are about the only thing that happens. However, as time goes on complication definitely arrive. It was in a storirs in St. They busted my balls for 5 nights straight. We wonder whether or not we'll be going to interracial dating stories reddit barbershop or super-cuts as he grows up. I could go on with these lighthearted examples, and I will if anyone is interracial dating stories reddit but on a serious note Against the backdrop of this past summer and fall's tragic events involving police brutality I've come home to my wife crying -thinking about what could be the fate of our son when he grows up and ventures out into the world.

How, because of the color of his skin, he has a higher chance of being harassed, assaulted or killed by interraciwl in uniform. Since then I've realized that as much as I know, love, care about and become apart of my wife's life reeddit will never know what it's like to be black and have to fear things you shouldn't. For datig, we free dating polokwane in the Bay Area and the closest BART station to us is the infamous Fruitvale Station.

Sating worries and fears are very real for both of us as our son grows up. My father, stlries is a bit of a white supremist was at first very scepticle about him. Well I'm not in a relationship with this guy but we're in this weird flirty situation and we've been out together a couple of times. I'm hispanic and he's Asian.

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