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Started by DopeyNovember 1, Posted November 1, I set it to the lowest If there isn't anyone good enough to match that then you get to host, which really has no downsides to it. I get complements on my connection all the time. Add me to contacts and see if you like. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Warframe and the Warframe logo are matchmaking ping limit of Digital Extremes Ltd.

Community Forum Software by IP. Matchmaking ping limit Partners Store Prime Access. General Matchmaking ping limit 1 Welcome! Read the matchmaking ping limit Guidelines! Warframe Comic Series 4 Coming June Devstream 94 5 Thanks For Watching Prime Time ! Latest WARFRAME Builds This Topic All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search. All Activity Home Community General Discussion Matchmaking Ping Limit Announcements [Please Read Before Posting Threads] What Is And Isn't General Discussion?

General Discussion is not for feedback about the game, for bug reports or for help questions, we have other forum sections specifically for these things. There are a few criteria for determining what feedback is and what general discussion is, but the two main criteria are the following: If either two of these criteria are met then the thread is most likely feedback and belongs in the appropriate feedback subforum.

A general discussion thread's objective is not to affect the game, it's to hold a discussion. Ultimately, a lot of what determines whether a thread is a feedback thread is the opening post. Although feedback threads can have discussions in them between players, this does not make it general discussion. What it boils down to is the goal of the matchmaking ping limit and who it's addressing. It's a thread for conveying opinions to the developers, and people are bound to agree and disagree and therefore start a discussion on said thread.

Here's a helpful guide for you to figure out where it might have been moved to: Guides, matchmaking ping limit, tips and tricks can all be placed here. With hundreds of thousands of players, there's bound to be one that has experienced the same issue as you and has figured out how to solve it! Fan Matchmaking ping limit is the place for concepts for new systems, warframes, weapons, and gameplay mechanics.

PC Trading Post, PS4 Trading Post and XB1 Trading Post are for all things trading on the respective platforms. Threads matchmaking ping limit to sell, buy, and trade go here, as well as any price checking. If you post a thread critiquing changes or content in the game, it's likely been moved to one of the Feedback Subforums, the guide to which is below. Because feedback threads are by far the biggest offender in General Discussion, I've put together this guide on where feedback goes, breaking up and explaining the feedback subforums Feedback forums are where the devs go for matchmaking ping limit regarding the game!

The list is a bit lengthy, so it's been put in spoiler tags: So, for example, if you make a thread in General Discussion saying something like "The lore really needs work, and this is how I think it should be done" then it's probably going to get moved to the General Feedback forum. If you're dissatisfied with a recent patch or update and want to give DE a piece of your mind, the Specific Feedback associated with your platform i.

PC Specific Feedback or PS4 Specific feedback is probably where it will get moved to it may also be moved to the other feedback forums depending on what the thread is specifically about. Wording is also very important, and your choice of description is also. This is why many people mix up feedback with discussion. In discussion, you are talking about things that are current, not commenting on how cool or disappointing they are.

For example, 'What do you think is the best frame? I like Valkyr because of her focus on melee. Her melee animations are nice, and her abilities compliment each other well. General Discussion is not a "catch-all" forum, and for the sake kostenlose deutsch dating sites keeping things tidy and organized we'd really appreciate it if you didn't treat it as such! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please feel free to post them here or to send me or the other moderators a private message!

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Which one should I choose? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I set it on unlimited for the lulz. Go To Topic Listing General Discussion. Theme Warframe Default Warframe Blue Warframe Dark Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Sign In Sign Up. Warframe Game Media News. Matchmaking ping limit Log in Create Account Forgot Password. Community Forums Community Guidelines.

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