Naruto dating mikoto fanfiction

Naruto dating mikoto fanfiction had her hands full. She coordinated the many volunteers, but were interrupted sometimes by snobby fafiction of rich merchants who wanted to exploit the festival to improve their standing with the hokage's family. In contrast the wives of the major clan heads were really uncomplicated. After all they knew the reason for their festival. The life of shinobi was harsh.

You could die on every mission. Sometimes families were unfortunate to lose both parents, making their offspring narkto. She established this festival after Naruto's birth, as he had almost lost his parents too. The image of her child growing up in an orphanage made her sad. She shook her head, trying to banish the depressing thoughts.

After all she had to work to do. Out of harm's way, Sasuke observed the perverse scene of two adult women squealing and hugging each other, like they were small girls. He turned around to see Naruto coming along his way. How unexpected," Naruto stated surprised. He hadn't ever seen this stoic Uchiha making such facial expression. Sasuke was thrown back into reality, trying his best to put on the trademark of the Uchiha clan: Tell Naruto about your dream," Mikoto shouted, totally destroying his previous efforts as a blush crept up his face.

That must be a really nice dream. After afnfiction teasing, Naruto decided to greet Sasuke's mom. He really liked Mikoto, even when she was a little too crazy for his taste. She was quite naruto dating mikoto fanfiction for her age. She was not really old, but six years older than his mother, making her forty-two. Her onyx colored eyes had something magical in them. Their effect was increased by her raven black hair which reached past her shoulder blades. If he had to compare both women, Mikoto would get the characteristics "beautiful but utmost crazy and manipulative" whereas his mother would get "easy to anger but totally cute when excited".

After exchanging greetings, Naruto and Sasuke were assigned to a group of volunteers by Kushina. The other female adults on their "playing table" squealed in nwruto. Fan girls are dangerous! Besides their blurred reality, Sasuke tried to fight off the little girl who really wanted to play with her funny oniichan. Maybe you should give up on being a shinobi and start producing mikotl. Mikoto-san will be overjoyed" Naruto stated with an grin on his face. He couldn't believe how stupid his fans were.

Quiet hiccups were escaping her throat. The little girl sniffed and walked to Naruto, where he naruto dating mikoto fanfiction her up. As she sat now face to face with the stupid oniichan, she turned out to be a mischievous little girl, because she started to blow raspberries at Sasuke. Naruto couldn't help but laugh. Naruto has grown into a fine adult. Kushina turned her head to her datinb table. There was a little girl squeaking and laughing on her son's lap.

She smiled at the sight of Naruto and the girl throwing stupid and childish words at Sasuke, who sat there visibly upset. Subconsciously she registered this particular event, reclassifying him not as a son but as a possible lover. At the unexpected statement, he turned his head to see her face. He didn't know her name, but he was sure that she got her chunin promotion last month. My father is the one who is hokage, I'm only a regular jonin," Naruto responded, diverting his attention back to the little girl, who started to doodle a ridiculous image of Sasuke.

He had to fight hard to restrain his laughter. Meanwhile the kunoichi moved directly beside Naruto, as they were now stool by stool. She looked at the picture and started immediately to giggle. Even Naruto couldn't restrain himself anymore. A heartily sound of laughter swashed through the air. Astonished, Naruyo looked for the reason, a smile graced her face.

Her festival was an huge success. But as she saw the picture in front of her eyes, her smile vanished. A foreigner would mistake the laughing trio for a happy family: Normally the picture mukoto be exemplary for a naruto dating mikoto fanfiction family. But she couldn't stand the sight of nafuto different female than herself clinging to Naruto's arm. Now the corners of her mouth were as flat as the best Uchiha. She started to emit an cataclysmic aura, as an unfamiliar jealousy took control of her body.

She narrowed her eyes at the woman before muttering manifold cuss words, none of them in the slightest G-rated. Mikoto looked worried as she tried to free her friend out of her stasis. She mumbled some very bad words. It pained her, but she had to resort to violence, giving the redhead a light slap. Kushina snapped out of her stupor, rubbing her sore cheek.

Someone had to stop the imminent slaughter," Mikoto responded, giving her a naruto dating mikoto fanfiction wink. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe it's the stress," Kushina stated, but in reality it was a futile attempt to reassure herself. She glanced a last time at her son's table, seeing an overjoyed girl hugging her newest favorite person. At that time, some very deep instincts kicked in, changing irrevocably her point of view of her son. It was already late evening as Kushina and Naruto walked home together.

They were one of the last people leaving, because they had helped to clean up the aftereffects of the festival. On the one hand Naruto was overjoyed, because he could make a little girl naruto dating mikoto fanfiction happy; at least for one day. On the other hand he felt depressive as he imagined that maybe his future daughter could live in an orphanage. The thought of him having a little girl of his own to love and to cherish, narutl protect and to shelter, to see her smile every day, made him sentimental.

Playing happy family with him," Kushina ranted angrily in her mind. Many women were surprised to see Naruto got along well with children, increasing his popularity by the village's bachelor girls tenfold. He was already popular, mostly because of his being the son of their hokage. But now, he proved to be a good father too. Unbeknown mikoo our two Namikaze's, the gossip was already spreading through Konoha. By tomorrow, his fan base would grew drastically, making him the most popular bachelor in Konohagakure.

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