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Online sarging! 8/10 replied!(pick copy and paste)

Get Updates via RSS Follow me on Twitter. Online dating response rates can be improved if I write the correct things in the initial message sent. Age range should beno Asian girls or black girls, unless they are exceptionally beautiful. Afterwards we can star in a commercial about how awesome adoption is and you can give a really sad face to the camera but then I come around the corner with a pitcher of kool-aid and your smile turns into a party.

Do you like sushi? Are you one of those girls who take forever to do her hair and makeup, or do you just look that way? Hey I was thinking of robbing a bank, fleeing down to the oceanfront, driving off a cliff, and faking my own death this week SCUBA tanks in trunkare you in? POF in general has less educated, less serious, and younger girls.

Message 3 Options opener and 4 Hair opener work better on OKCupid. Maybe the girls are more educated and like the multiple pua dating message type question. None of the girls I dated Pua dating message ended up hooking up with, which is interesting given my status as a PUA. Most of them were innocent, nice girls and not used to hooking up right pua dating message after the first date.

My cold approach girls will usually sleep with me after the 1st date. But, since you first date IS meesage first face to face meeting, online dates usually pua dating message a little longer. I remember going on dates in the south bay and all of them were clearly overweight. I am testing Tinder with a white guy profile as well as messages. The response rates are a bit higher, but not as high as we expected. More on this one on my next post. Given the HUGE number of emails they get, it has more to do with her mood than your race.

Basically, if you are even a decent looking girl, you will get swamped pua dating message lame emails from all the guys trying to get some. Surprisingly, Asian girls are hard to get out to meet me. I stay away from them but sometimes land in my inbox. Maybe so, depends on the girl - sometimes they are super compatible and pja times not. If they are not naturally compatible you sometimes have to push for the close or you wont see her again. If i ended up going on "7 dates" im due to score if im pushy Keep it up, friend.

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What To Send Girls For Maximum Results. Statistical Analysis and Tricks to Win The Tinder Game. Kessage what you've read? Over 12, people who are serious about ppua their style and dating lives datihg downloaded my free "10 Style Tips That Makes Any Man Sexy" ebook. Just click on the green button below to change your life:. June 13, at 3: June 13, at 2: April 3, at 2: Speak Your Mind Tell us pua dating message you're thinking Click here to cancel reply.

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