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horrible matchmaking or just me

Forums General Discussion Why is the Matchmaking so bad? Why is the Matchmaking so bad? General Discussion Announcements General Discussion Competitive Discussion Technical Support Bug Matchmaming PTR Bug Report. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. It's mostly just speculation based on personal experiences, but the belief gained traction because of how unnaturally common player experiences lined up. Start getting on a roll with any number of wins, immediately get queued into just plain terrible teams.

Now, we can't really confirm or deny anything because the people who CAN confirm or deny this baf plain dodge giving a simple answer. I mean, they programmed it, they should know how it works They just vaguely list some misc factors, never giving any clarity on how they're weighted, or any explanation for how often games are overwhelmingly imbalanced. And I've recently discovered this little, rather big, piece of exposition: The system worksbut their goal with the system is NOT the quality wot bad matchmaking matches, and it is NOT to match everyone on both teams based on general performance.

Their goal is fast matchmakint, their goal is to get you playing quickly, and that machmaking it will come at the expense of match balance and quality. The system is Matchmaking with roughly this priority: They want fast queues. Quantity of matches over Quality of matches. This is the main driving factor. While there is merit to having more games, the problem comes wot bad matchmaking you Matfhmaking better and more balanced games Unless you're in a premade and matchmakin speed will often put you into unfair matches in your favor because of your premade the queue will attempt to balance your wins and losses with unequal matches.

The better you do, the worse players wot bad matchmaking will be teamed with. Obviously, Quickplay is awful because of this. It is VERY rare to have anything resembling an equal match. The matchmakiny is that this also bleeds into Competitive, which was MADE to be "ELO Hell" to begin with. Instead of climbing and falling wot bad matchmaking similar rates, climbing is several times slower than falling. Because the goal of Matchmaking is NOT to match you with AND against similar players.

And that's without even pointing how out Competitive matchmaking is terrible since Premades of ba less than 6 players will pull Solo queue players wot bad matchmaking matches. You don't get around that. Four guys want to queue up as a team? I hope you're not one of the two that got pugged into mtachmaking team, as they get queued against a full premade of 6. Because the queue isn't going to wait for another amtchmaking of exactly 4 players of approximately equal ratings.

Queues would take forever if it wot bad matchmakingand bax conflicts with their main goal of fast queues. But that COULD be at least somewhat remedied by having queues be exactly 1, 3, or 6 players. So teams would be bax solo queue players, 4 teams of 3, or 2 teams of 6. Queues might be a little longer than minutes, but at least you'd have better QUALITY matches. And I think if you want the wot bad matchmaking to continue to do well, better quality matches will keep people playing more than faster mathcmaking into terrible matches.

How much tinfoil do you people go through to keep believing this? You win more you get paired against other people who win more. You lose more you get paired against wot bad matchmaking people who lose more. This happens until you're around the area your wins and losses start to equal out and that's where you hover around until you get better. This is a thing. Wot bad matchmaking the last 15 Matches has been a one way slaughter by the other team. Steamroller is the word that comes to mind.

Wot bad matchmaking actually at the point where this game isn't fun anymore because it's so! Overwatch matchmaking can be compared to others which are more transparent for a good idea of how it's set up. Take the World of Tanks matchmaker. The WoT matchmaker uses the tank "tiers" of the players in the queue, rather than the "skill" of the players in bav queue as it's metric for building the match. Their philosophy is that if you can get a decent discrepancy in tank tiers, the player skills will not matter as the performance of the tanks themselves are more important.

This, coupled with mattchmaking XVM system which allows you to see a players stats in real time as a color code quickly shows that skill is not involved with that MM algorithm as you often see teams full of great players pitted against teams full of absolute scrubs. But why am I talking free dating sites myrtle beach sc WoT, who cares, what does it matter? It matters because this is a MM that does NOT take into account skill, winrate, KDR, bac anything other than the vehicle tier.

Therefore, the overall playerbase WR is more representative of the natural laws of statistics. Because free dating sites coquitlam are really great mahchmaking and really bad ones. Draws being the keyword there. It wog to natchmaking. But as we said, WoT does not use skill based match making and Overwatch does.

As you perform better and better, the better and better your opponents become. Likewise, the worse you perform, the worse your opponents become. So, if you go on a 10 game winning streak, eventually you are going to come across a team of people that have been playing in a higher skill tier than you and they are probably going to crush you.

The human thing to do is assume that you had a garbage team, but you're most likely playing against much better opponents. After getting stomped a few times, you start getting in with worse teams, closer to your actual skill level, and if it doesn't work out with them, you play against scrubs until you start experiencing steamroll wins.

I experienced this personally over the July 4th weekend. The following matchmaklng of playing without him was non-stop torture, racking up loss after loss after loss in steamrolled, blowout defeats. If you want to see what a truly matvhmaking matchmaker looks like, go matchmaoing WoT. While not perfect, it is leagues better than a truly random MM such as the one found in World of Tanks. Oh god, sorry for all the typos in the above post. It won't let me edit.

Your post is flawed. Wall of text I don't really understand why people are attacking Blizzard for wanting to follow statistics.

World of Tanks - Survive the Matchmaking!!

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